The waters of Ibiza

Ibiza ‘s waters are known for their beauty crystallinity and visibilities up to 40 mt. They where rocky and sandy bottoms to depths of 30 meters we can find a protected Unesco World Heritage Site declared plant are combined, this is called Oceanic Posidonia , a vital and necessary for the reproduction of local species organism harboring newborn pups from predators , this living organism can be found all around the island As the largest colony in the world which is situated on the island of Formentera, with more than 100,000 years old.

On the west coast we can find Red coral commonly known as Rods , its location is always situated in areas with strong currents that serves food to them one high dive depth since they are over 35 mt is needed. As native mollusk we can mention the lobster Ibicenca prized by fishermen and continuing decline in anthropogenic pressure .

As places of Interest in diving we can cite the caves of Light, the Torres de Hercules, Margaritas Islands Bledas Islands dés Isla Vedra , La Mariana , Tagomago , Portinatx and of course, the largest ship Sunk Europe ” Don Pedro ” why Ibiza has many dive sites for all levels from beginner to advanced where there are dive centers scattered throughout the island, as Arenal Diving Sant Antonio where you can make the best dives and even get courses enable you to dive into the fantastic underwater world


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