We promote diving in Ibiza, as the only submarine sport  through our varied range of activities and services.

   Padi standards 

   Dive into another the world

   Dive around the world

  Courses from 3h / up to 4 days

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Diving in Ibiza is an unforgettable experience, our PADI Instructors will train you to dive safely.

  No previous experience from 6 meters to 12 mt.

  No need to know how to swim very well

  Start diving from 10 years

    Under PADI standards 

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Our diving philosophy in Ibiza

We observe the evolution of diving in Ibiza from its origins to a distant future, contemplating that the safety of the diver and respect for the environment is essential to leave an attractive legacy to subsequent generations.

In the world of diving, the PADI courses are the total reference, both for lovers of this activity and for people who wish to enter for the first time in the exploration under the waters. We are talking about the Professional Association of Diving Instructors, an institution in this sport that includes about 135,000 monitors in the world and also 6.000 centers and associated resorts, among which we are: Arenal Diving.

We are located in Ibiza, so if you live on the island or want to take advantage of your vacation to enjoy a diving activity according to your level, do not hesitate to consult our wide range of classes and dives. We start from the baptism of diving, Open to all interested publics to start in the best possible way in diving, and we continue with courses such as the Open Water Diver or the Advanced Open Water Diver, with which you can progress while enjoying the dives.

PADI courses in Ibiza

Our offer reaches the most advanced levels of learning, as for example with the Divemaster course, which allows you to achieve professional skills and exercise responsibilities within a group of divers. We are also specialists in underwater photography, another of the activities of PADI training
Which follow international guidelines to ensure their quality. This is a most rewarding activity that more and more people discover in the world.

To enjoy the Snorkeling in Ibiza, If you have always wanted to be able to observe the wonders of the sea by yourself and feel in contact with the waters, nothing better than to put you in the hands of passionate people of this world, who have also been developing their skills and accumulating experience until becoming certified professionals to transmit The basics of diving to those who want to know them.