Ses Margalides is in the Northern part of the Island near Cap Negret. The nearest port is San Antonio which is the best way to reach this part coast line via boat. The area of Ses Margalides is mainly high cliffs with hidden coves.Shaped like a horseshoe is the largest islet of the Margalides which has an impressive natural arch where many boats love to ride through and people love to swim beneath. You can scuba dive down to the lower shelf located near the islet which is about 9 meters in depth, this islet faces a smaller islet then looking West you will see a large descending drop to about 18 meters from the surface. With the rocky wall on your left side you will come to another attractive arch that you swim or glide through taking in all the colorful encrusting’s and colonies of Aplidium or Sea Squirts. Now you can swim towards the smaller islet at the same time going deeper, you will come across large rock formations that you can swim around with various marine life to be discovered like barracuda’s, which you often find patrolling the depths. The smaller islet which you should swim around remembering to control your depth as the bottom here is around 40 meters deep and because of the excellent transparency of these waters you can be unaware of how deep you have come. Go North to the larger islet and swim between the large rocky blocks you will find an entrance to a gallery which is about 18 meters. The hollows in the rock can produce stunning light effects. You can now reduce your depth until after passing through the arch of the largest islet and once you reach this stage of your dive you can comfortably rest and take in the surroundings of large rocks while you let go off your surplus nitrogen.