In front of the port of Sant Antoni lies the Conillera island and, near the lighthouse, a small rock formation known as Conillereta .

There we take course and anchor in its S face where we find a rocky substrate at about -3m deep that falls steeply down to about -15mts.

A rosary of rocks covered with algae and sponges of a thousand colors shelter some grouper and brótolas that we will discover as we move leaving the wall to our left.

When we have turned and we are heading NW will appear to about -20mts deep spectacular arches framed in rock that offer a privileged natural lookout to the blue.

During the tour we will be amazed at the amount of small and leafy life that covers the walls and rocks in the numerous cathedrals, grottos and gorges carved in them, although we must not stop glancing at open sea because it will not be strange the encounter with banks of Pelagic as serviolas or barracudas.

We can continue advancing although if we continue giving the turn we will be forced to climb up to -2mts deep, as this is the maximum in the narrow corridor that culminates the circumference, so it is best to undo the route to reduce The depth much more comfortable and progressively enjoying the capricious path full of life and color that offers us this colorful immersion.

With the authorization of Rafa Martos.

Access: By boat.

Level: AOW

Type: Grotto Maximum depth: 30 meters

Geographic data

Latitude: 39.049519 / N 39 ° 2.971 ‘

Longitude: 1.315613 / E 1 ° 18.937 ‘

Todas las infografías autorización de Rafa Martos.