The Aguja (Needle) dive site is located near the South West part of Es Vedra, it’s an underwater peak that rises from a depth of 40 meters up to 3 meters below the sea level surface. Anchoring the boat here in a small cove, beneath some of Es Vedra’s haunting cliffs which have large dark stains across them. Dive down to around 8 meters to the rocky seabed and proceed north. Keep your eyes on the right and you will see the wall of the Island Es Vedra with large blocks of natural stone forming large arches and passageways. On your left side you should be able to see the Aguja’s underwater peak, head in this direction once you get to this peak you can swim around it like it’s a tower. When you reach a bearing of 2100 you will be able to see a small underwater mound and beyond that you will be able to see the sandy sea bed, which is over 35 meters in depth. Continue swimming around the peak (Needle) and once you are facing South-East you will see the slopes of Aguja are gentler and the sea bed is rockier. Once you have completed this swim you need to head towards the walls of Es Vedra. You will find here a small entrance to a cave where you can rise to the surface of this small crypt, here the light is good. Diving back down and heading to one of the two openings in the rocks on the left side. Once you exit the cave you should find yourself near the boat, where you started. During this scuba dive you have the chance of seeing lobster, grouper and occasional scorpion fish (including the larger scaled species), the rock surfaces covered with delicate bryozoans, sponges and colonies of encrusting anemone.


Access: By boat

Quality: Interesting

Difficulty: All divers

Highlights: cave

Max Depth: 35 m / 114.8 ft

Currents: Low ( < 1 knots)

Visibility: Good ( 10 – 30 m)