S’Espartar Island

S’Espartar is an island that makes its appearance when passing the channel between Illa des Bosc and Conillera if we come sailing from Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Espartar is in front of the well-known beaches of Comte and although it is just over 2 km in length offers memorable dives like the one we will do in the SE side.

We set off in a shallow rocky area, only -3mts. Here we find a substrate of rocks of medium size covered with algae and in the clearings, abundant and verdid posidonia where soon we will find large specimens of nacras. As we cross the posidonia and gain depth on gentle slope, from about -12mts appear larger rock formations that fall vertically as a step up to -20mts and after a short shelter, a new fall that takes us to -40mts where A sandy bottom is stabilized.

But it is in these previous steps where we will be fixing as we walk W direction, that is, leaving the wall to our right, wall in which we see fractures like scars on the rock that accommodate moray eels and lobsters in a frame of brilliant color by The cover of fake red coral and yellow anemone encrusted.

It will not be difficult for us to find -33mts a great nacra which, contrary to what is customary, is not surrounded by posidonia but in a stone base and stands like a monolith sprinkled with the capricious colors of sponges and bryozoans.

Shortly afterwards they will make their appearance a great rocks like islets that are to our left, to -35mts and soon a group of rocks of smaller size among which usually a mere grouper. But attentive to the air and to the entrance in decompression we must begin to climb by the wall to reverse the course so that as we reduce the depth we will leave it to the left while we go to the point of anchorage dazzled by the abundance of reasons that fit Of life and also of geological wealth treasures this immersion.

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