Illa Murada

A small Island called Illa Murada near Puerto de San Miguel faces the watch tower Torres des Molar which is about 200m long is another good diving site.

We drop the anchor of the boat at the Southern tip of the Island near a small islet. Descend on this wonderful dive to around 10 meters and continue along with the rock face on your right side. The landscape appears before you with large steep underwater cliffs which is the continuation of the islands cliff walls. You will then see a massive pile of boulders with some of these boulders looking like large cubes, which have been forced upon them by nature over thousands of years. On this stretch of the dive you are advised to descend to around 15 meters and proceed north. During your swim you can examine some of the hollows that are in the rocks of the underwater cliffs.

You can slowly drop in depth to around 15 meters, maintaining good air consumption which will allow you to complete the route of the dive comfortably. Continuing along you will see the walls of the underwater cliffs are covered with invertebrates, eye-catching starfish and orange, red and blue sponges. When you reach the northern point of the Island Murada you will come across an entrance to a grotto which is about 15 meters below the surface. You will see a large opening where the light from above enters this grotto. You can emerge here and come to another cavity hollowed out in the rock with extraordinary light effects revealing the walls covered in yellow encrusting anemone and other colonies. Continue over the crevices and complete this dive returning back to the starting point.

Dive Map


Access: By boat

Quality: Interesting

Difficulty: All divers

Highlights: Wall with macro life and Grotto

Max Depth: 35 m / 114.8 ft

Currents: Low ( < 1 knots)

Profundidad máxima: 35 m / 114.8 ft

Corrientes: baja (

Visibilidad: Buena (10 – 30 m)