Las Bledas is a small and picturesque archipelago of islands to the SW of Sant Antoni, which separate it about 6 and a half miles away, and which are quite closer to the islands of Espartar and Conillera.

Naturally, this framework offers in itself a multitude of diving points where you can enjoy some sensational backgrounds, although the immersion that we are now proposing is the one developed in the small Bleda, at the point known as Las Gorgonias.

Shortly after crossing a small channel that separates it from an islet, we submerge on the SW side of the small Bleda where the anchorage reaches about -10mts. Quickly we gain depth and we immediately see the important fall that presents this fund. Leaving the wall to our right, NW course, soon and a little more than -30mts deep make their appearance the first examples of the spectacular garden of gorgonias of intense red tones that, given the depth, we can only perceive well with a good source of light . The entire wall is covered with this delicate animal colony, which more than some of them seem to be leafy branches of some colorful shrub.

We will be delighted to enjoy this sublime landscape enriched even more with the encounter of some brunette between the gorgonians and even some fish of San Pedro but we must be very attentive to the air of the bottle and to the eventual entrance in decompression given the high depth to the That reach the gorgonians, beyond the -50mts, so, according to the planning that we take of the immersion, when we return we will reverse the course and leaving the wall now to our left we will progressively reduce the depth to reach The boat or, if you prefer, to pass it to make a comfortable and quiet security stop in the radiant waters of the small canal.

Map Immersion