All tariffs DO NOT INCLUDE mandatory diving insurance, in case of not having it, we can issue a daily insurance for  6 €.

  • It is absolutely necessary to show that the diver is qualified to dive, in the case it is not proven, the purchase is not refundable.
  • It is necessary to show that the diver has a medical certificate that guarantees that he is suitable for the activity.
  • The diver who has not practiced diving in a period of more than 1 year, will have to perform the scuba review.
  • Depending on the experience of the diver, the depth limit will be assigned by the dive center itself, not  by its qualification.

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The West coast of Ibiza and some of the nearby islands belongs to the West Nature Reserves, in these dive spots there are dives for all levels. The crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean offers some unique and interesting dives like wrecks, caves and beautiful underwater landscapes. Here is a list of some of the most popular dive sites.


Minutes from the centre are some of the best dives waiting to be put in your logbook


Isla Conejera


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Isla Es Pallaret


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La Bota d'es Vedrà


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Cave of Light .


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Margaritas Island


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 Bledas Island


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La Aguja  Es Vedrá

aguja es vedra-buceo

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Cap Nono


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Interactive Dives Sites and Snorkeling routes map