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The waters of Ibiza

Ibiza ‘s waters are known for their beauty crystallinity and visibilities up to 40 mt. They where rocky and sandy bottoms to depths of 30 meters we can find a protected Unesco World Heritage Site declared plant are combined, this is called Oceanic Posidonia , a vital and necessary for the reproduction of local species organism harboring newborn pups from predators , this living organism can be found all around the island As the largest colony in the world which is situated on the island of Formentera, with more than 100,000 years old.

On the west coast we can find Red coral commonly known as Rods , its location is always situated in areas with strong currents that serves food to them one high dive depth since they are over 35 mt is needed. As native mollusk we can mention the lobster Ibicenca prized by fishermen and continuing decline in anthropogenic pressure .

As places of Interest in diving we can cite the caves of Light, the Torres de Hercules, Margaritas Islands Bledas Islands dés Isla Vedra , La Mariana , Tagomago , Portinatx and of course, the largest ship Sunk Europe ” Don Pedro ” why Ibiza has many dive sites for all levels from beginner to advanced where there are dive centers scattered throughout the island, as Arenal Diving Sant Antonio where you can make the best dives and even get courses enable you to dive into the fantastic underwater world

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Scuba Diving Lessons on Ibiza


Learn to scuba dive on Ibiza this summer, and easy sport to learn and a skill you can use anywhere in the world. Scuba diving is one of the most popular sports in the world and with so many great dive spots around the Island of Ibiza you will not be disappointed. Warm waters and excellent temperatures make the diving experience that so much easier and better.

Peak Season on Ibiza, means hot weather, warm waters and busy seas. You want to learn to scuba dive during the peak season on Ibiza, get in contact with us as soon as possible. Ibiza does get busy during August and this is the time when many people take their holidays on the Island. Avoid disappointment and book for our diving for August.

Ibiza is a top destination during August for most European countries and also a time when children break up from school. So the Island of Ibiza gets extremely busy during this month.

Learning to scuba dive is easy and the experienced staff at Arenal Diving will guide you through every step. Starting in shallow waters or a swimming pool you will learn all the basics to send you on your way in the world of scuba diving.

Here at Arenal Diving we have a selection of dive sites and PADI courses available all with experienced instructors and staff. They all use the PADI methods for teaching, PADI stands for:  Professional Association of Dive Instructors. PADI is the world’s largest and most widely recognized SCUBA certification agency in the world.

When you complete the Open Water Diver course you will receive a PADI certificate. The PADI certificate agencies all use the same standards and practices to teach scuba diving. Arenal Diving use these methods as well. Here at Arenal Diving we have a 5 star resort dive center, which you can find underneath the Arenal Hotel on the sea front of San Antonio.

Fir any questions about learning to scuba dive in Ibiza just send us and email – We are happy to help you begin an adventure in scuba diving on the Island of Ibiza.

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Ibiza Summer Holiday Scuba Diving

Summer season has begun in Ibiza and as the clubs; bars and restaurants all begin to open as sun days get hotter the temperatures of the sea start to raise. Calm seas, hot weather and the sea welcoming you to take the plunge and cool off. This time of year the seas around Ibiza are at perfect conditions to go scuba diving. Crystal clear seas surround the Island and this makes some of the dives super perfect. If you are planning to holiday in Ibiza or holidaying now, make sure you get some scuba diving fun. If you have never dived before then pay us a visit here in San Antonio and we can introduce you to the world of scuba diving. It’s easy, it’s cool and it’s refreshing and you can go home with a new skill that you can either use and advance to higher levels next time you visit Ibiza or any other country in the world.

The Island is not over crowded at the moment which makes another reason to start your scuba diving lessons. With fewer people we are able to give you that extra attention when learning to dive, its never been a better time for you to learn. If you already know how to scuba dive then we have some great offers on visiting some top dive spots around the Island.

We also have a range of boat tours and sunset tours, just pass by our dive centre and we can give some new experiences to your life with some cool rides and tours.

Remember scuba diving is easy and Ibiza is one of the best places in Europe to learn this very sport. We follow all PADI rules and regulations in teaching people to scuba dive. Don’t leave Ibiza without trying scuba diving and discover a whole new world underneath Ibiza.

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Best holiday Activities on Ibiza – Scuba Diving

Spanish holidays are extremely popular by the British and for the past few decades many British tourists have flocked to Spain for its wonderful warm weather and beautiful beaches. Just across the waters of the Mediterranean Sea you will find the Balearics which is made up of over 52 small Islands. The most popular of these Islands are Mallorca and Ibiza. Ibiza has been one of Spain’s top tourist destinations during the summer months and one of its main attractions is its superb cosmopolitan nightlife. The clubbing life on Ibiza has been pumping the latest tunes from the top DJ’s for over 30 years and to this day it’s still trending with the youngsters to come and hit the hot dance floors of Ibiza’s clubs.

You will find plenty of buzzing nightlife on Ibiza throughout the summer months. The clubs of Ibiza have kept the Island tourists coming every year and returning every year for many. But what about Ibiza itself, it’s not all about nightlife there is a hot day after every party night. Ibiza has a selection of wonderful beaches and some interior landscapes that are eye popping, pine forests and deep blue seas as a back drop are common for this little Island. For the average tourist just exploring the Islands with a scooter or rent a car can take up the whole holiday. For others lounging on the beach and chilling to the latest chill out tunes while the amazing sun sets is quite a common way to enjoy an Ibizan holiday. But for many youngsters they do look for more and more in the way of sport and things to do and see.

Scuba Diving is one of the popular sports to learn and do on the Island. Getting your PADI certificate so you can dive anywhere in the world can really make your holiday. We are a 5 star dive center and specialize for beginners with our to most popular courses like Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water Diver. Scuba diving is good thing to learn on your holiday in Ibiza and well worth it for the great experience and being in the best temperatures for water and air. Snorkeling is a good option for those who don’t want to try scuba diving. A number of good dive sites are located around the San Antonio area of Ibiza.

A range of cool water sports await you on the Island starting with windsurfing, wake boarding, water skiing, sailing and much more. One popular activity that has appeared on the scene over the past two years is fast speed boat rides. Basically around 15 people are strapped into their seats as the captain races the boat for a full adrenaline rush.

Check out our range of scuba diving courses and we will have some speed boats rides coming soon.

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Dive Sites in Ibiza

The island of light , beauty and adventure , Ibiza is part of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea belonging to Spain . Many who come to enjoy its night clubs and holiday leave without enjoying the wide range of adventure activities that can be performed on the island. These include diving and the island enjoys great weather , crystal clear water and a nice temperature for snorkeling . The island has numerous diving centers . Arenal Diving is a PADI 5 stars IDC center , where you can make any PADI course from beginner to instructor level . Our facilities are located at Arenal , walk to beach , a ten minute boat ride from the reserves of the Bledas , Sparta or Conillera and 20 minutes from the natural reserve of Cala D’ Hort and Es Vedra island . As these reserves some of the best dives on the island. Being environmentally protected by these reserves remain intact and in them you can see the characteristics of Mediterranean species in their natural state . Seahorses, trigger fish , manta rays , sunfish , groupers , moray eels and even dolphins. A portion of the dives in nature reserves in places also offer other than by her beauty n also of great interest, including most notably the caves of light towers or Margarides Hercules . Check our website for more information about all points of interest.

Wreck diving in Ibiza

In the waters of Ibiza lie many wrecks, from Roman remains or vaporeros or Phoenicians to modern ferries. These include the Don Pedro, accidentally sunk after hitting a submerged rock at a depth of 40 meters. It is one of the largest wrecks in Europe. Diving in Ibiza is relatively cheap, compare our prices with other dive centers in the Mediterranean. Our packages for multiple dives include the renting of quality material and premium brands at affordable prices. The prices of the courses are tight too. Check our website and be sure to come see us if you want to have an unforgettable diving experience in Ibiza