Submariners and firefighters from all over the world rely on BAUER compressors for breathing air. Maximum quality guaranteed by TÜV and GS quality controls.

The BAUER KAP 23 series is designed to meet the high-performance requirements of professional use in the toughest conditions.

As powerful fixed compression systems with a horizontal structure, they are available in PN 330 bar versions, both as open and fully closed installations. Each of the powerful compressor blocks hides more than 70 years of experience and the excellent knowledge of our test and development centre

Its essential features combine extraordinary reliability and long service life and are the result of high construction effort, intelligent detailed solutions and high-quality materials.


The 4-stage structure of the compressor blocks (IK 23) and the use of high-performance industrial ball bearings, as well as cylinders subjected to horizontal grinding and plasma nitriding, allow an extremely long lifetime of the installation.

The final stage of high pressure is equipped with chrome-plated piston segments. The safe and reliable lubrication of the rolling surfaces of the cylinders is carried out with a low-pressure oil pump that requires no maintenance.

Optional electric motors are available as drive.

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