Best holiday Activities on Ibiza – Scuba Diving


Spanish holidays are extremely popular by the British and for the past few decades many British tourists have flocked to Spain for its wonderful warm weather and beautiful beaches. Just across the waters of the Mediterranean Sea you will find the Balearic’s which is made up of over 52 small Islands. The most popular of these Islands are Mallorca and Ibiza. Ibiza has been one of Spain’s top tourist destinations during the summer months and one of its main attractions is its superb cosmopolitan nightlife. The clubbing life on Ibiza has been pumping the latest tunes from the top DJ’s for over 30 years and to this day it’s still trending with the youngsters to come and hit the hot dance floors of Ibiza’s clubs.

You will find plenty of buzzing nightlife on Ibiza throughout the summer months. The clubs of Ibiza have kept the Island tourists coming every year and returning every year for many. But what about Ibiza itself, it’s not all about nightlife there is a hot day after every party night. Ibiza has a selection of wonderful beaches and some interior landscapes that are eye popping, pine forests and deep blue seas as a back drop are common for this little Island. For the average tourist just exploring the Islands with a scooter or rent a car can take up the whole holiday. For others lounging on the beach and chilling to the latest chill out tunes while the amazing sun sets is quite a common way to enjoy an Ibizan holiday. But for many youngsters they do look for more and more in the way of sport and things to do and see.

Scuba Diving is one of the popular sports to learn and do on the Island. Getting your PADI certificate so you can dive anywhere in the world can really make your holiday. We are a 5 star dive center and specialize for beginners with our to most popular courses like Discover Scuba Diving and Open Water Diver. Scuba diving is good thing to learn on your holiday in Ibiza and well worth it for the great experience and being in the best temperatures for water and air. Snorkeling is a good option for those who don’t want to try scuba diving. A number of good dive sites are located around the San Antonio area of Ibiza.

A range of cool water sports await you on the Island starting with windsurfing, wake boarding, water skiing, sailing and much more. One popular activity that has appeared on the scene over the past two years is fast speed boat rides. Basically around 15 people are strapped into their seats as the captain races the boat for a full adrenaline rush.

Check out our range of scuba diving courses and we will have some speed boats rides coming soon.

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